A welcome summer break. Cheerful agriculture games, concerts, camp night, Lauga-talks, and a bouquet of sun-kissed workshops. A funny and juicy season for all generations.

Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Summer Vibes?

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Summer agriculture games   

Let’s connect with mother nature. Sun-sational benefits for all family

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Teaches responsibility



Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower

Promote creativity

Outdoor Cooking (2nd Edition)

Learn cooking and baking in different methods using fire and coal.

Let's create and eat


Entertaining Season

We wanted to empower you with rewarding activities that will blow your family away. Indoor and outdoor, challenge, team spirit, empowerment, and most above, having fun is guaranteed.


Svavar Knutur | Concert | Eyvindartunga | 2/7 | 20h

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Camp Night

Camping is available. A funny adventurous must-have night. Promote family bonding, enhance problem-solving skills. Foster a healthy lifestyle.

Let's feel awareness