04  —  Ski Tour

2 days trip
in the Highlands

Let’s go Skiing


Let’s Get Physical

Every day we are asked to embrace change. Building a family involves growing demands, to adapt and evolve.  We want to empower you with rewarding activities that will blow your family away. Challenge, team spirit, empowerment, and most above, having fun is guaranteed.

Where to stay

01  —  Hiking

Solo or
in family

05  —  Caving

Old lava tunnel

Ready to walk, crawl and abseil?

09    Silfra Snorkeling

4th experience
in the world

Ready to dive?

03  —  Horse Riding

Get up close
with the furry friends

Let’s meet your new friend

For your comfort — Make a break

Landscapes for all kinds of challenge

08  —  River Rafting

White waters
of Hvítá River

Let’s embrace challenge

07  —  Bird Watching

77 birds

Prepare your binoculars

06  —  Paddle Board


LEt’s enjoy a good time

02  —  Fishing

Season from
April 1st to September 25th

Get your license

11  —  Sports

Indoor sports, Gym, 25m swimming pool, 3 hot tubes, sauna

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11  —  Ice Skating

The sound
of  Nature

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10  —  Mountain Biking

Mountain bike

Explore the best tracks

10  —  Spa Fontana

Finish the day
in a relaxed mood

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