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Welcome to Laugarvatn

“And when the spring breezes blow up the valley; when the spring sun shines on last year’s withered grass on the river banks; and on the lake; and on the lake’s two white swans; and coaxes the new grass out of the spongy soil in the marshes – who could believe on such a day that this peaceful, grassy valley brooded over the story of our past; and over its spectres?”

Halldor Laxness, Independent People

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From the old sagas to a contemporary lifestyle

Laugarvatn is a land full of history. Alþingi, the national parliament of Iceland, was built a few km away, in the national park Thingvellir. The year 874. Since then, rejuvenescent baths in Laugarvatn are a tradition. In 1929, the minister of education, Jónas Jónsson, decide to make Laugarvatn the education center in the south of Iceland. The iconic Héraðsskólinn Born. At the present day, there is a high school, The University, and a Campus where every week welcomes kids from all of Iceland for a personnel development program. Laugarvatn sits between tectonic plates where 200 habitants reside. Curtains of smoke reveal the hot springs. They are abundant in the region. The most famous is Geysir and Strokkur. A cocktail of sulfur essence, wet mountain moss, and a fresh breeze from the lake expand in the lungs. When the horizon is visible, Hekla is worn by the Icelandic season’s design. On the Northwest, stable mountains are covered by gravel, moss, and sometimes with an ice mousse on top, giving charm and character to the village. The wonderland region is composed of waterfalls, glaciers, caves, forests, natural pools, rivers, wild highlands, elves, and trolls.

The Nobel Prize in literature in 1955, Halldór Laxness, was a constant presence in Laugarvatn. Once a year, the village welcomes artists from around the world for a temporary residence to create art. From writing to music to visual arts. It seems that Laugarvatn has a balanced Feng shui.  All are welcome to make art in Laugarvatn.


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