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Our diverse team emphasis the field of multiculturalism. We promote projects that support the artistic creation of Laugarvatn residents. Also, create events that encourage co-operation between different generations and cultures.

To promote cultural activities
and artistic creation  —

Planet Laugarvatn is part of SASS project

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The South Iceland Development Fund is a competitive fund. The fund’s role is to strengthen cultural, business development, and innovation projects, as well as other projects that are part of the South Iceland development plan and promote positive social development, strengthen the pillars of culture, increase the competitiveness of the region and promote sustainability and positive environmental impact. Sass is helping Planet Laugarvatn to organize 4 events in 2021. These events objectives are:

to help the interaction between families of different generations. To help the integration of foreigners living in the Region. Promote a healthy and positive interaction between Icelanders and foreigners. Create healthy lifestyle programs for all communities. Projects that include or support the artistic creation and cultural work of young people and children. To help businesses of Laugarvatn to succeed. Support increased environmental awareness, sustainability, and/or build on the cultural heritage of the South.

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