Saturday, 03 of July
Local: Vígðalaug
Time:   12H00, 14h30, 16h30 Duration: 1h30

Bubble Making Workshop

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Bubble maker

The magic of bubbling

In this outdoor workshop, we’ll look at which bubble formulas work best in Icelandic weather, build bubble wands from recycled materials, and darken the skies over Vígðalaug with an invasion of ginormous glittering globules of glee. We will have enough materials for eight participants to mix at once, so be sure to sign up early!  Family and friends of those registered are welcome to watch and take turns in the bubble-making afterward.  Giant soap bubbles are known to draw crowds as well as children who want to try it out themselves! If the weather doesn’t permit bubble-making, we’ll shorten the workshop and go over the basics, so you can make your formula at home in better conditions. 

Recycled materials
The process
Magic on the air

Let’s make magic