Saturday, 3rd of July
Location: Ösp School House
Time:  12:30     Duration: 1h30m

Collage Art Workshop

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Jana Jano

Collage Art

Jana Jano is a Czech artist based in Reykjavik. She works thematically using different media. She calls herself a visual storyteller as her focus is to witness the essence of what she perceives showing a new point of view.

In this workshop, we enjoy the playful technique of collage. A collage is a piece of art created by combining photos, clippings, or small objects onto a surface. This technique allows anyone to create an original piece not dependent on how old or skilled the author is. Everything that you need is to let your imagination inspired by pictures or words that you find in magazines. The collage includes enormous possibilities of mixed media. It is possible to combine with writing, drawing, or painting, and it also offers a huge spectrum of styles and topics. 

Take your scissors if you have one. The smaller, the better. If you have some old magazines you wish to use, take them with you as well.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Telling a story
Materials and Techniques
The Cutting Process
Finalizing the Collage

Let’s Create a collage art work