Saturday, 3rd of July
Location: Eyvindartunga
Time:  16:30

Duration: 1h30m

The Art of Crafting a Song

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Leo Ingi

The Art of Crafting a song

My name is Leó Ingi Sigurðarson and I come from Eyvindartunga farm, which is a little farm 1km from Laugarvatn.
In the past Eyvindartunga farmed horses, cettle and sheep but today there are only a few hundred sheeps.
The farm got modernized in the new millennia when the old power station that had provided the High School of Laugarvatn and the farm with electricity for many years was expanded and remade. Today Eyvindartunga is mainly an electrical farm with the sheeps as a nostalgic hobby.

Last years the owners of the farm decided to renovate the old buildings like the barn and the kettle house. Now they are gaining a new purpose of being a social gathering place to hold weddings and concerts. I myself have been fortunate enough to be able to use it for my hobby to make music. I will hold a workshop for the art of crafting a song. I will teach techniques used to make lyrics and how to build parts and also how you set the framework of your song so you can more easily expand upon an idea. We will also explore the equipment used to help with the creative process. You are very welcome to join me in that playful game.
Enjoy the good times!

The song structure
Conflict /resolution
Play with words
the song

Let’s Create a song