A welcome summer break. Cheerful agriculture games, bubble-making workshop, bonfire, concert, midnight hiking, book reading for children. A funny and juicy season for all generations.

Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Summer Vibes?

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Thank you to all volunteers, participants and our partners for making Spring festival time for independent people happen.

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 Bringing life back to Laugarvatn. Empowering friendship, family bond and union between generations.

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01  —  The event | pictures


Spring festival Time for independent people is over, and we are now planning the summer festival. But before that, let’s take a little time to look back. Spring festival was a combination of funny, challenging, and fulfilling activities,  taken in the playground called  Laugarvatn. Let’s see the pictures.

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Life and Death
Svavar Knutur | Concert | Eyvindartunga | 2/7 | 20h

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Feels like Summer. Magic playgrounds for all ages and levels.

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