Christmas market, lanterns walk, lightning Christmas tree, candles in the lake

Day of light

 Héradsskólinn— 13:00 – 16:00

Christmas market with waffles and coffee.

Lantern walk — 16:30

Walk in the village. Departure from Héradsskólinn.bring your own lanterns.

Lighting of the Christmas tree

At Bjarnarlundur.

Candle float by the lake

Walk down to the lake where there is a candlelight ceremony.

Hot Cocoa

Hot chocolate served at Laugarvatn Fontana Spa.

Social gathering  — 20:00

Cozy evening in Eyvindartunga.

Family fun time!
Jumanji game for  all family

Friday 15.9 at 18:30

Let’s have fun

Time for independent people

Laugarvatn, 15 - 16 September


Jumanji treasure hunt for all family.


Boats on the lake

Textile  workshop

Kids activities

Outdoor cooking at Eldaskáli

karaoke and tapas night at eyvindartunga

Community festival

Join the festival

Laugarvatn community creative space

Land ljóssins - verkstöð

A space for workshops, meetings, artistic creation, repair café, and social nights.

  • We're equipped with tools board and working tables

  • Regulatory safety certificates

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Thank you to all volunteers, participants, and our partners for helping Planet Laugarvatn serve the community.

Great people around us

 Bringing life back to Laugarvatn. Empowering friendship, family bond and union between generations.

More than 20 volunteers

From Laugarvatn and from different countries, different cultures. Now is the time to empower the next Laugarvatn Festival.

Join the family

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We are looking for someone to help us to translate the website to Icelandic.

Event staff

We need your help for the next festival. The volunteer’s responsibilities include completing tasks assigned by the coordinator. Understanding your role and responsibilities as well as the rules and safety regulations of the organization.