01  —  Hiking

Solo or
in family

Let’s Explore the tracks

05  —  Caving

Old lava tunnel

Ready to walk, crawl and abseil?

09  —  Silfra Snorkeling

4th experience
in the world

Ready to dive?

03  —  Horse Riding

Get up close
with the furry friends

Let’s meet your new friend

04  —  Ski Tour

2 days trip
in the Highlands

Let’s go Skiing

08  —  River Rafting

White waters
of Hvítá River

Let’s embrace challenge

07  —  Bird Watching

77 birds

Prepare your binoculars

06  —  Paddle Board


LEt’s enjoy a good time

02  —  Fishing

Season from
April 1st to September 25th

Get your license

11  —  Ice Skating

The sound
of  Nature

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10  —  Mountain Biking

Mountain bike

Explore the best tracks

10  —  Spa Fontana

Finish the day
in a relaxed mood

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