Saturday, 24th of April
Local: Osp school House
Time:  10h00 | 14H30 Duration: 1h30

Knitting Workshop

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Hallbera Gunnarsdottir

Knitting Workshop


 My name is Hallbera Gunnarsdóttir, and I am going to have a knitting workshop for everyone who wants to learn the first steps in knitting.  I have been knitting for many, many years and my favorite is wool. That’s why I’m going to teach you to knit a seat or earring or whatever you want from Icelandic wool.

 I am a teacher and love to be outdoors- maybe that’s why I love wool because in outdoor life wool is = gold 🙂

 I look forward to seeing you and knitting with you- remember to bring patience

Introduction to Knitting
Choosing s style
The techniques
Let’s practice

Let’s start Knitting