Text: Barbora Fialova
Photography: Antanas Sakinis| Martin

That was fun!

Spring festival Time for independent people is over, and we are now planning the summer version. But before that, let’s take a little time to look back for a while. These times are not very bright for such events and gatherings of people, but on the other hand, we do believe that we can take care of ourselves and still have a great time. There were many obstacles during our way to organize this first event. Lockdown during Easter gave us some extra time to prepare ourselves very well.   It was exciting to offer all of you a joyful and empowering festival without knowing until the last minute if it will happen or not. A big thank you to a great, resilient, and motivated team that makes it possible. A big thank you to Laugarvatn.

Spring festival was a combination of activities, which can be taken in the playground called Planet Laugarvatn. We started on Friday evening with a Pirate treasure hunt for children. Two pirates, father and daughter, have arrived in Laugarvatn on their stolen boat, they lost their mum and also material treasures. Suddenly there were 44 young pirates, waiting by the shore for instructions, how to find mama and treasure again.


7 groups of young pirates and their parents were looking for checkpoints in the village and trying to accomplish their tasks. Testing of senses in the dark basement, crossing the swamp, making pirate flags, memorizing what was in the box, creating swart, riding on a bike without chain, and taking pirate pictures were tasks which all pirates have to carry out. All the kids did really well and showed us and to themselves how brave, creative, clever, patient, confident, persistent, and honest they are. All of them have found pirate Mama in the forest with sweet treasure and continue to Eldaskálinn to drink hot chocolate and grill marshmallows. It was a unique atmosphere in the village and by the fire, our hearts were melting when we saw those sparkles in the children’s eyes.